Ara Pilates and Movement is a haven for educated and quality movement. Conveniently located in the heart of the desert at the Village at Indian Wells, the studio is a beautiful, light-filled space equipped with state-of-the-art Balanced Body equipment. We focus on proper biomechanics and ensure functional and safe movement practices. Each session is personally tailored to your body, lifestyle, and goals. Dedicated to creating a peaceful space to enrich your experience, Ara Pilates and Movement provides individual rooms for each session and class. We are committed to premier instruction, attention to alignment, form, mindfulness and efficiency of movement promoting exceptional health.


Ara (latin “The Altar”) is a small constellation in the Southern Hemisphere filled with exceptionally bright stars, given its size. The name Ara harmonizes the initial conception of Ara Pilates and Movement: a small studio making a bright and big impact.



Ara Pilates and Movement is a place to find a deeper connection to your body. In order to provide this, we believe it is crucial to consider more than just exercise, but the entire experience - making each session a destination to invest in yourself, stimulate your mind, and move in a beautiful setting. Ara seeks to share the benefits of movement as a daily practice. Our goal is to connect you to your body’s natural intelligence, allowing you to gain strength, and move easily and fearlessly. We are here to change your physical and mental state through movement - enforcing lasting and positive change to your body that will serve you for a lifetime.


Each body has its own unique journey, and no two bodies should be addressed the same. Our programs are designed supporting the anatomical concept of neutral spine and safe spine practices. We apply current functional movement practices to our Pilates instruction and seek extensive training and research to ensure the highest quality of instruction for our clients. At Ara Pilates and Movement, we have gone through hundreds of hours of training through PMA accredited certification programs, and sought out additional mentorship and training from Physical Therapists, Body Workers and other Movement Specialists. We are proud to promote the life-changing benefits of Pilates through safe and effective movement practices and help you achieve your goals. We are passionate about sharing the work of the Pilates Method and the profound changes it can make in one’s life.



  • comprehensive rehabilitation

  • safe athletic conditioning

  • prolongs the health of your spine

  • creates a deeper understanding of mind-body connection

  • increases lung capacity

  • age gracefully

  • reduces stress and anxiety

  • improves mental clarity

  • increases energy

  • improves posture and alignment

  • improves balance and flexibility

  • increases mobility and range of motion

  • increases strength and endurance

  • low impact on joints

  • increases bone density

  • utilizes core strength

  • alleviates back and joint pain

  • alleviates pain from hyper-mobility

  • rehabilitates injuries and prevention of future injuries