With a career spanning 25 years in the healing arts, Alysa started her journey with the study and practice of Neuromuscular sports massage for Structural Integration and performance. She then went on to study Pilates, and later, the Yoga Tune Up method, and Club Bell Yoga. Her current focus of study is the impact of myofascial release and mindful breath on the nervous system, and how developing these areas facilitate better, more efficient, pain-free, and functional movement. 

Alysa has always had an ability to see deeper into a person’s posture and physicality, to see where their body is impeded or needing to function better, and she has turned this natural skill into a career path for the last 25 years. Her primary goal in life is to inspire people to learn to heal themselves through movement. Because she enjoys dialogue and loves it when her clients grasp concepts for themselves, she hosts workshop-style classes that allow students to ask questions and explore their own bodies more deeply. Alysa’s teachings vary based on what the client needs, but almost all sessions will involve mindful breath work; guided self-myofascial release using modern neuromuscular scientific methods; and alignment focused yoga practice. This combination of factors helps to release old patterns, and eliminate pain in the body, while building structural integrity, to increase performance, facilitate ease of movement, and bring about a state of physical and emotional well-being. 


  • Western Institute of Neuromuscular Sports Therapy

  • Mueller College of Holistic Study in Massage Therapy

  • PSC Pilates Complete Pilates Certification

  • Fletcher Pilates Certification

  • Club Bell Yoga Certified Instructor

  • Yoga Tune Up Certified Instructor

  • N-Map Neuro Mobility Assessment Procedure Certification

  • Primal 12 Certification