Jane began her Pilates journey in 2009.
Jane attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison and earned her Bachelors of Science degree in Medical Technology. She also completed her Master’s degree in Medical Technology- Education and Management at California State University after relocating to Souther California with her husband. Jane began practicing Pilates in earnest in 2009, enjoying how the work balanced and integrated her body and stimulated a mind-body connection. After practicing the Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, and Barrel, she was motivated to deepen her understanding and share it with others. She completed her comprehensive teacher training and became a certified instructor in 2010.

With 38 years of experience working in the hospital setting, Jane has developed a deep connection and interest in integrating Pilates into the rehabilitation process for clients experiencing physical challenges, and those in various stages of recovery. Having experienced the significant benefits of Pilates in her own recovery from a physical injury and shoulder surgery, she has a passion for sharing her experience and practice to help others. Jane aims to spread the wealth of knowledge that Pilates can offer in an upbeat and personal atmosphere. Warmly welcoming people from all walks and stages of life, she strongly believes that this versatile practice can transform anyone’s body, mind, and life as it has her own.


  • Pilates Sports Center Certified Pilates Instructor on All Apparatuses