Jessie Smith Pilates Instructor Seattle Ara Pilates

Jessie Smith, has over 18 years of fitness training and teaching.  She has extensive Pilates training through STOTT, PEAK and PAI, and is also certified in TRX Suspension Training. Jessie is known in Seattle for her fun and vibrant group classes.  From Cardio Kickboxing to TRX/Barre combo class, she strives to help people become inspired by their fitness routines.  Her motto is "Move, and be moved". Most recently Jessie has spent time learning more about the body through the healing of her own injuries.  With the help of Inspiring Pilates instructors, SOMA Massage, REIKI and LOTS of study of anatomy and movement, Jessie has been inspired to improve her own work teaching the Pilates method through private training.

Specialties Include:
Athletic Conditioning, Pre & Post Natal, Corrective Exercise, Improved posture, Improved Self Esteem

****Side Note:  Jessie loves music.  Be prepared to listen to one of her awesome playlists (she has over 100 on Spotify) while working out.  She's not a DJ, just a wannabe!




Jessie combines fantastic workouts with great enthusiasm. She makes it fun to work out. She was my Pilates instructor twice a week for about nine months, and in that time she got me in the best shape of my life. My posture improved, and I noticed how much stronger I had become throughout my body because of the improved strength in my core and legs. I moved away, or I absolutely would still be working out with her regularly.

What separates Jessie from other Pilates instructors whose classes I have taken is that she is more knowledgeable about fitness instruction than most, and she is not afraid to mix things up and incorporate new exercises. Less experienced Pilates instructors tend to follow a formula and repeat the same exercises each time. The difference is that Jessie’s workouts keep you interested and keep you progressing, because the variety in her workouts constantly challenges your body, improves your strength and balance, and keeps you from plateauing.

I absolutely recommend Jessie’s instruction. She is one of the most fun and engaging people I have ever worked out with, and she is quite likely the best trainer I have ever had.
— Matthew
Jessie brings many years of fitness expertise and knowledge to her pilates sessions- focusing her attention on form and method. Her approach uniquely incorporates personal care for your well-being and a touch of humor as well! It’s why Ive been a devoted client for years.
— MayAnn
I met Jessie over 4 years ago in a studio group class and fell in love with Pilates. Jessie made it so fun, I took every class I could afford. My body thanked me! After I moved out of the neighborhood and started working full-time, I missed Jessie AND Pilates so bought my own machine. Jessie has been coming weekly for private sessions for two years now, and I am getting steadily stronger, and still having a blast.
— Katy
Jessie is great at adapting exercises for different skill levels and making adjustments in my form that helps make the most of every movement. Pilates is still fairly new to me and I learn something every time I see Jessie. Having her come to me makes me stick to a schedule and helps my practice at home in between training sessions.
— Emily