Mariana Frechel, a native born Argentinian from Buenos Aires, discovered Pilates in 2006 after a work related injury. After a year of doctors appointments and physical therapy she decided to try Pilates.

Having discovered the healing and strengthening aspects of Pilates, she not only achieved full recovery from her back injury, but she set her sights on helping others achieve their best physical fitness through Pilates, as well. 

She began her career as a Pilates Teacher in 2011 when she arrived to Los Angeles, proceeded to pursue her Pilates Teacher training by achieving her 450 hour certification through "Pilates Place" in Santa Monica. 

She began working as a full time teacher in Natural Pilates, Beverly Hills and Mind & Motion, Hancock Park.

As a teacher, she aims to help people find greater body awareness, more efficient movement patterns, and build strength through movement.

Mariana recently move to Palm Springs to pursue her own business with her husband, Penny Lane Ranch, the first barn wedding venue to service Palm Spring area. In her free time she loves hiking with her husband, daughter & dog, Stevie Nicks. 


  • Pilates Teacher Training: Pilates Place, Santa Monica, CA

  • Barre Teacher Training: The Booty Barre, South Pasadena, CA

  • Bodies Mind Courses (From Anchor to Endpoint - Tension/Relaxation - Timing/Rhythm)