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Missoni Lanza Pilates Instructor Ara Pilates Seattle

"Bringing mobility to your life, and embracing the strength within."

Missoni's approach to Pilates is intelligent, effective and creative while following the fundamental roots of the method. She has received credentials from some of the Industry's leading instructors and companies (Balanced Body, Basi, STOTT, Franklin Method, Yamuna.) Missoni continues to seek out education and insight from other Specialized Pilates Instructors, Physical Therapists and Movement Specialists to diversify her teachings and to stay well-rounded as an instructor. Always passionate about inspiring others, Missoni is committed to the growth and well-being of her clients, guiding them on functional and effective movement with neutral spine, and maximizing the benefits to obtain optimal results in each session.

Since the age of sixteen, Missoni has been an avid practitioner of the Pilates Method. She fully credits Pilates for inspiring a healthier lifestyle, relieving knee and back pain as a result of a head on collision, improving her dynamics and range as a vocalist and living with Scoliosis. "Pilates changed my life, it allowed me to gain a new appreciation and understanding of my body." Inspired by the powerful impact Pilates made on her life, Missoni decided to become an instructor to share the Method with others. After receiving her Certification through Pilates Sports Center (a PMA accredited program), Missoni sought out individualized training and mentorship from other Pilates Instructors and Movement Specialists. She furthered her education by receiving CEC's from leading educators such as Rael Isacowitz (Basi), Tom McCook (Franklin Method / Balanced Body), Portia Page (Balanced Body), Kathy Corey, Rebecca Leone and more. In 2012, Missoni collaborated with J Lane Fitness to bring fitness and nutritional education to schools in the Coachella Valley to facilitate more movement in children's lives. She relocated to Seattle, WA from Palm Springs, CA in 2014. Always having a strong sense of community, Missoni founded the Seattle Pilates Instructors Group to bring together the flourishing Pilates community in Seattle. 




After two car accidents, and three years of unsuccessful physical therapy I looked for an expert in physical toning, core stregnth and postural balance. Also, I wanted exercise that shaped my body to be long, lean and shapely. My results exploded after starting weekly pilates sessions with Missoni. At first, walking hurt, sitting hurt, standing hurt; and sleeping through the night never happened, My body had acclimated to the car accident injures, and compensated with poor posture, excess weight, spinal misalignment, and weak core muscles—all which lead to chronic daily pain.
I, nor past physical therapists, knew where to begin, but Missoni knew. She began pointing out my body’s specific imbalances and then challenging me, teaching me, targeted exercises I can safely do to counterbalance past injuries and weaknesses. I have felt immediate relief, and growth over time while being transformed under Misson’s instruction. My injuries are (were) complicated, so it continues to be a healing process, but Missoni enjoys the challenge of supporting bodies and minds willing to fight for wellness! Her education, experience and intuitive nature has helped me become more mobile, rest through the night, live most days pain-free and achieve a long, lean, able body I can be proud of. An insider tip, her booty, and waist shaping exercises produce results fast!!!
Simply put, Missoni is an expert pilates instructor who knows how to get results! I find Missoni’s demeanor to be approachable, trustworthy, professional, and passionate about helping others optimize their body’s strength and balance no matter their level of ability. As Missoni often says, “Everyone has there own journey; honor your body, listen to your body, and do what is best for your body!”
Working with Missoni is what’s best for my body, and my results prove it!
— Jenny L.
Missoni is quite literally the best. She knows how to push you to achieve while remaining sensitive to any injuries or other limitations and she is remarkable in her ability to shape and re-shape a program to suit your evolving needs. She is also a really lovely, lively person, which makes any training session or class much more fun!
— Barrett C.
I absolutely love ALL of Missoni’s classes! These classes have done so much for my recovery, keep me injury free and I get stronger every week! Being a runner and mountaineer this has done wonders for me...I’m faster, have more endurance and just overall more solid in my athletic abilities. Missoni helps you to push past plateaus you didn’t know were there...cannot say enough good things!
— Gretchen S.
Missoni Lanza teaches with competency, passion, and enthusiasm that has positively influenced the value I place on my health. Her warm spirit and individually targeted strategies made my Pilates experience addictive. I have noticed positive changes in the way feel, how I look, and the way I live my life since working with Missoni. I do not think twice about recommending her as a Pilates/fitness instructor to anyone who is serious about changing their health for the better.
— Christina L.