Founder | Co-Owner of Ara Pilates and Movement

Marlys is passionate about helping individuals better understand and use their bodies. Her lessons focus on deep strengthening through healthy alignment and functional exercises based in anatomical knowledge. Her years as a ballet dancer influence her graceful transitions and thoughtful, contemporary approach to teaching the Pilates repertoire. Marlys completed her equipment Pilates certification through Vitality Pilates in Seattle and has sought out additional education in San Francisco, New York, San Diego, and Baltimore. She has used the unique Pilates Method to cross-train pre-Olympic synchronized swimmers, current and retired professional ballet dancers, and continues to specialize in training clients looking to diversify their fitness regimen. 

At ARA PILATES, Marlys works with clients of all levels, ages, and abilities to develop personalized sessions to correct habits, balance asymmetries, build strength, flexibility, and a mindful approach to exercise.


  • Vitality Pilates Teacher Certification on all Apparatuses

  • Balanced Body Teacher Certification on Mat

  • Barre Certification