Private Sessions…

All sessions are personally tailored to each individual based on their goals and their lifestyle. Every session is thoughtfully designed and documented to ensure that no-two sessions are the same, and that you grow from each session. You will work the entire body, increasing your strength, flexibility, range of motion and balance. Our peaceful, boutique studio has two private session rooms, making it easier for you to focus on making a deep mind-body connection, and truly benefiting from the optimal results of the Pilates practice. We are dedicated to high quality instruction and ensure that your sessions are safe and effective. Whether you are looking for a challenging workout, healing your body from an injury, athletic training, help alleviate stress and anxiety, improve your posture, lose weight, ect. We offer programs for all walks of life looking to improve their well-being and enhance their lives.



Our studio is unique by having two individual Private rooms for each Private and/or Duet Session. Our Private Rooms are spacious with beautiful adobe white walls and natural fiber textures. This clean palette was created to allow you to attain a deeper connection to your body without over-stimulating the nervous system. Studies have shown that minimizing the amount of senses being used not only calms your mind, but reduces stress and tension in your body. When you minimize the intake of other senses, you are able to not only move and feel better, but also retain more information. Coupled with our highly educated instructors and individual private rooms, you will experience the noticeable changes in your body and your life.


With Instructor

Single: 90
Five Pack: 425 (85 each)
Ten Pack: 800 (80 each)

3x weekly: 900/mos (75 each)
4x weekly: 1,120/mos (70 each)

With Owner

Single: 100
Five Pack: 475 (95 each)
Ten Pack: 900 (90 each)

3x weekly: 960/mos (80 each)
4x weekly: 1,200/mos (75 each)


With Instructor

Single: 65
Five Pack: 300 (60 each)
Ten Pack: 550 (55 each)

3x weekly: 600/mos (50 each)
4x weekly: 720/mos (45 each)

With Owner

Single: 75
Five Pack: 350 (70 each)
Ten Pack: 650 (65 each)

3x weekly: 720/mos (60 each)
4x weekly: 880/mos (55 each)



  • pre and post-natal

  • pre and post-rehab

  • tennis and golf conditioning

  • rehabilitative movement training

  • fascia and fascial diaphragm release

  • teacher mentorship and training

Please contact us at to inquire more information about these specialized programs.